[User] Migration OpenESB Glassfish 2.x to the latest version of OpenESB

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Mon Feb 12 00:41:13 GMT 2018

Hi Paul,
1. As per your suggestion I tried with "OpenESB SE V3.0.5" as per below
warning we need to configure jms please suggest if I am wrong
2018-02-11T19:29:09.673-0500 WARNING [com.sun.jbi.framework]
(sun-jms-binding) JBIFW1135 Binding sun-jms-binding cannot be initialized.
The LifeCycle init() method threw a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
exception. The exception message is:
at com.sun.jbi.jmsbc.JMSBindingComponent.init(JMSBindingComponent.java:248)

2. Also I have tried  glassfish4-with-jbi-v4.0.0-b04.zip the release package
already includes: four components(sun-javaee-engine, sun-bpel-engine,
sun-wlm-engine, sun-http-binding) and three shared libraries
(sun-wsdl-library, sun-wsdl-ext-library, sun-encoder-library)
where we are not getting jms exception. We are getting below messages while
trying to deploy Service Assemblies
[SEVERE] [Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.]]
[WARNING] com.sun.jbi.ui.runtime.verifier.VerifierException: Invalid WSDL

Please note we have taken binding component and service engins like
databasebc, edmse, emailbc, filebc, ftpbc, jmsbc, ldapbc, pojose, restbc,
schedulerbc, xsltse from  "OpenESB-SE-3.0.5\OE-Components"
Please suggest if we are in right path or what next we have to do.

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