[User] Migration OpenESB Glassfish 2.x to the latest version of OpenESB

Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Mon Feb 12 16:13:24 GMT 2018

Hello firoz
Sorry for the delay to reply to you. 
Let me reply quickly to the questions asked in your post. 
Regarding the jms error, it is explained that you must've put the jms driver in the  classpath of the component. To do it, put the jar files of the driver in libext/"name of your components". As far as I remember ( not from of a machine) you must put the jar files in the directory libext/sun-binding-jms. 

For the second point about Openesb for Glassfish, the  community does not support any version of openesb for Glassfish or else. 
So we are not able to help you in that case as explained in our previous email. 

I hope I reply to your questions

Regards Paul

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On 12 Feb 2018, 01:41, at 01:41, "firoz.f2003--- via User" <user at lists.open-esb.net> wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>1. As per your suggestion I tried with "OpenESB SE V3.0.5" as per below
>warning we need to configure jms please suggest if I am wrong
>2018-02-11T19:29:09.673-0500 WARNING [com.sun.jbi.framework]
>(sun-jms-binding) JBIFW1135 Binding sun-jms-binding cannot be
>The LifeCycle init() method threw a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
>exception. The exception message is:
>2. Also I have tried  glassfish4-with-jbi-v4.0.0-b04.zip the release
>already includes: four components(sun-javaee-engine, sun-bpel-engine,
>sun-wlm-engine, sun-http-binding) and three shared libraries
>(sun-wsdl-library, sun-wsdl-ext-library, sun-encoder-library)
>where we are not getting jms exception. We are getting below messages
>trying to deploy Service Assemblies
>[SEVERE] [Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.]]
>[WARNING] com.sun.jbi.ui.runtime.verifier.VerifierException: Invalid
>Please note we have taken binding component and service engins like
>databasebc, edmse, emailbc, filebc, ftpbc, jmsbc, ldapbc, pojose,
>schedulerbc, xsltse from  "OpenESB-SE-3.0.5\OE-Components"
>Please suggest if we are in right path or what next we have to do.
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