[User] GlassfishOpenESB V2 Migration into latest version

Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Mon Feb 19 11:30:00 GMT 2018

Dear Firoz, 

First thank you for your interest in OpenESB and you post in the forum. Let
me give you additional input that could help you to understand the history
and the context of OpenESB. 
Sun Microsystems created OpenESB and also Glassfish. For commercial reasons,
Sun deeply linked OpenESB and Glassfish V2 and added JBI libraries in the
Glassfish Package. 
When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystem it cancelled OpenESB development and
removed all JBI reference on the last Glassfish Version. 
At the same time, the OpenESB community decided not to support Glassfish as
OpenESB Container and focus its resources and developments on the standalone
So, you can start a fork to install OpenESB on Glassfish V4 or V5, but from
my point of view it will require too much effort for a person or a company. 
So once again, we advise the OpenESB users to avoid OpenESB implementation
with a container and focus on the simpler standalone implementation. 

My main question regarding your request is "WHY DO YOU NEED" an application
server to run OpenESB?  If we know the answer, we will have more input to
explain where to go forward.

Best regards

Paul Perez Chief Architect
Pymma Consulting
Tel: +44 79 44 36 04 65 

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I am planning to migrate Glassfish OpenESB V2 into latest version I have
checked Glassfish 4.0 and Glassfish5.0 as well but did not see the JBI
component folder in it without that we will not be able to upload binding
components, service engines and service assemblies. Please suggest feasible
option. It will be great if you can provide the link/url to download the
Please note I have downloaded the OracleGlassfish4.1.2 from
and Glassfish5.0 from
Also suggest if you have any details about "Eclipse Enterprise for
Java(EE4J)" I googled it got some idea about it but did not get link or url
to download the same please share the link or url if you found so that We
can use this IDE(EE4J) for development.
Please have a look on below "glassfish 4 with JBI" as
"glassfish4-with-jbi-v4.0.0-b04.zip"  - A Java Business Integration (JBI,
JSR-208) based ESB implementation
I have downloaded "glassfish4-with-jbi-v4.0.0-b04.zip" from above location
it has JBI folder we are getting page not found while clicking on the
component at admin console/UI. Please suggest feasible solution for the

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