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Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Fri Feb 23 15:04:41 GMT 2018

The question you mentioned is not linked to openesb but to the perpetual change of the contract of service
You have the same thing when the interface change in a language such as c# or java. 
Each case is different and require a deep look  from your architects. 
One solution could be to create a facade before your processes to protect them. 

Second question
Yes you can use SSH and type openesb stop



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>Dear All!
>I have a question about OpenESB:
>We are fight with OSB lot of time. We have many WebService (based by
>these are binded 
>to OSB.
>But our problems when the WebS interface (aka .wsdl) updated then very
>difficult to manage and update these changes into OSB bpel
>In this case we have to replace the .wsdl file contetn fro mthe old to
>content then we have to (usually) delete the exisiting variables (base
>the WebS interface) and recreate them and recreate the Assignes too.
>the exisiting bpel process will be drop error (or last time when the
>run) on project build.
>How can we update the exisitng WebS reference in our BPEL projects?
>Another question:
>How can we support the running OSB instance? Specially at stop running
>Thanks in advance.
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