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Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Tue Jan 2 15:07:35 GMT 2018

Hello all, 

First, I would like to wish you, and to all the community a very happy new
year 2018, I hope that this year, we will go forward and progress faster
together in the OpenESB development.

Let me give you some feedback about OpenESB developments

Regarding the status of OpenESB and the community, 2017 was a technical
year. It means that we mainly work on the technical issue and new features.
We plan that 2018 will be a communication year and will try to focus on new
ways to communicate about OpenESB. 

We are close to issuing a new version that is named (OpenESB 3.1.0) where
develop many new features. Let me list you some of them: 

*JSON encoder: *We add a new JSON encoder in the encoder library. This
allows you to read and write JSON message with the Binding components that
support the encoders (ex: File BC). 

*CASA improvements: *

We worked a lot on the CASA because it is a critical component of service
composition. We solved many bugs, especially with the External Module and
made the GUI more stable. We had a nice feature to import external modules
from other projects and make the composition easier. This feature is very
useful if you want to change the granularity of your development and
consider our SU as independent (micro)services. 

We also add a new item to the CASA editor named “Interface”. The interface
in the CASA acts as an interface in JAVA or C#. It represents a Service (The
Abstract part of the WSDL). So, you can connect any SU with an interface. At
the runtime, the bus decides which implementation of the interface is used.
You can create a complete CASA just with the interface a Create a virtual
composition that is made concrete at the runtime by the new version of
OpenESB bus. Moreover, we associate some routing rules to the connection
between SU and Interface, and we offer a random routing that setup a load
balancing between multiple implementations. 


*BPEL Service Engine improvement*
We improved the BPEL and added a key feature in the BPEL Mapper name CACHE.
At any time, you can put any node of your context in the cache and get it in
another BPEL or another instance of the current BPEL. This feature is very
useful to avoid BPEL correlation with the multi part process. For example,
you can share the same token or shopping basket between many BPEL instances.

*IEP Service Engine Improvement *

The Intelligent Event Process is a very powerful Component that could be
used as a part of an Event Driven Architecture. However, until now, the IEP
did not work well and was not reliable with Postgres and MySQL. In the
version 3.1, we rewrite IEP, especially for these databases. I recommend you
play with this wonderful component when the version 3.1 will be available

*REST and HTTP BC Improvement*
We upgraded the library of the HTTP BC, but we did not touch the code yet.
This is one of our objectives for the year. In 2018 resources are dedicated
to these components to upgrade their features and reliability. 

*Easy OpenESB Build*
The last but not the least, we want to get a larger involvement from the
developer in the community. Unfortunately, the build inherited from the
previous version was so complex that a very few of us were able to do it.
This difficulty pushed away many of us. We start a redesign of the build
process to make the build as simple as possible. Moreover, we hope to be
able to write the build process down a simple and short web page. 
So, we hope to Be successful in the last development and tests to OpenESB
3.1 and issue it very quickly.

Feel free to contact me for any questions on these new features


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