[User] Migration OpenESB Glassfish 2.x to the latest version of OpenESB

Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Mon Jan 8 15:53:09 GMT 2018

Hello Frank

I reply to your last question about the migration from OpenESB v2.2 in a new
post to create a new topic. 

My first word is to say that a large part of the OpenESB v2. 2 applications
can be directly transferred to the latest OpenESB 3.05 and the future 3.1.0.
The BPEL, the POJO, the binding components can be transferred without

The latest version of OpenESB runs without Glassfish or any container (no
Glassfish 4 or JBoss or OSGI). OpenESB runs today directly on Java without
intermediate. Without an application server, means that the JEE stack is not
supported anymore. The JavaEE Service engine is not working anymore, and if
you relied on the EJB in your business processes, you would have to transfer
the Java code to the POJO. 

In OpenESB V2.2 the JNDI was supported by the application server. Today,
OpenESB uses a configuration file to get JNDI configurations. 

On the other side, OpenESB 3.xx needs less memory and CPU resources. It
starts in a few seconds and does not require any Glassfish knowledge and
administration. OpenESB deployment on the cloud is now easy and look likes
any other Java deployment. 

I hope this post gives you an evaluation of the effort to do. Feel free to
contact us for help and support if needed.


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