[User] RESTBC - unexpected XML header when using text/plain

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Hello Dave, 
We fullyagree with you that it works well on file BC we had the same thoughts you hadat PYMMA when you applied your issue.
For themoment, if you look at the community code, text/plain is not supported on therest BC. PYMMA team is trying to see how to improve the Community Code to solvethis problem.
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Hi Jeanne,

I did reply via email, but it appears not to have made it to the forum - so
here it is (with an additional thought)


Thanks for looking at this. 

In the use case I have, the REST service will be called by an already
existing service which expects a string to be returned. 

The string itself will be the result of other BPEL steps, so all is normal
there, and structured text is good 😊

My issue is that it is necessary to return the string only – the caller
cannot cope with XML or JSON and expects a single string only. 

Is it possible to obtain just the string from the structured text and send
it back and the end of the process, as with the POST example? Or am I just
out of luck? 

While I was looking at this issue I used the fileBC to attempt to capture
what was happening - this happily saved the string component only, thus
adding to my confusion.


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