[User] Documentation REST BC openESB 3.1.2

Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Mon Nov 12 08:35:17 GMT 2018



London: November 2018

Master REST Services with OpenESB 3.1.2

OpenESB the smartest ESB on the market, offers a powerful and intelligent
platform to develop, orchestrate and compose your microservices. First,
defines your services and then associate them with any channel such as REST,
SOAP, Messaging, File, FTP,Email. OpenESB V3.1.2 gets a new REST Binding

OpenESB 3.1.2 gets a new REST Binding Component developed by Pymma which
provides a reliable REST channel to publish your business processes and
access to external REST services. Powerful and easy to use, the OpenESB REST
BC has been designed for B2B communications and exchange with other

Nevertheless, OpenESB REST BC  does not aim to replace an API/Gateway and
provides direct access to your business processes from the internet. In that
case, an additional gateway such as gravitee.io must be used.

We are happy to inform you that Pymma issued a complete user guide on the
REST BC. In more than 60 pages, we explain, step by step, how to use the new
features implemented in the Component. Thank you for your feedback .
<http://pymma.com/index.php/openesb/openesb-resources> The document can be
downloaded here 

Started by downloading OpenESB today and registering for our upcoming blogs,
documentation and webinar on what's new in OpenESB 3.1.2.
<http://open-esb.net/index.php/openesb-download/download-binaries> Download
on the OpenESB website.

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