[User] sun-bpel-engine not installed

Joachim Thux joachim.thux at stardust-software-engineering.co.uk
Thu Sep 13 15:46:52 BST 2018

Hello *,

good morning.

I am new to OpenESB and trying to get a test system up and running.

So I downloaded "OpenESB-Quickstart-Standalone-v305.zip", unpacked it and
configured a "Stand-alone" ESB Server. Next I entered a test program along a
Youtube tutorial. When trying to deploy I received a "Needed component
sun-bpel-engine  not installed on target server" (Message translated from

Now I can't find that engine, neither in the Glassfish downloads, nor in the

I believe I am missing more libraries, but have no clue yet which one are
needed and where to find an installation guide.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance,


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