[User] sun-bpel-engine not installed

Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
Fri Sep 14 10:23:01 BST 2018

Hello Joachim

Thank you for your interest in OpenESB. 
Please have a look on the document written by Pymma.

Please start by the document 001 and 002 (as usual) you will set up your
OpenESB instance easily 

The Youtube video relies on an old version 

Best regards

Paul Perez Chief Architect
Pymma Consulting
Tel: +44 79 44 36 04 65 
Skype ID : polperez

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Hello *,

good morning.

I am new to OpenESB and trying to get a test system up and running.

So I downloaded "OpenESB-Quickstart-Standalone-v305.zip", unpacked it and
configured a "Stand-alone" ESB Server. Next I entered a test program along a
Youtube tutorial. When trying to deploy I received a "Needed component
sun-bpel-engine  not installed on target server" (Message translated from

Now I can't find that engine, neither in the Glassfish downloads, nor in the

I believe I am missing more libraries, but have no clue yet which one are
needed and where to find an installation guide.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance,


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