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Martí Pàmies Solà martipamies at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 07:13:43 GMT 2020

Hi George,

I used OpenEBS persistence in the past (Glassfish/PostgreSQL), but 
nowadays I strongly recommend you no longer use it, why? When I used it 
was to keep state between request and also for monitoring but with new 
OpenESB features there are better alternatives to achieve it. Regarding 
keeping state, and although it is not recommended, you can use Cache to 
easily keep information between request (the classic order box in an 
online shop), regarding monitoring, the new OpenESB Enterprise Kibana 
integration is definitelythe solution.

Hope useful


El 26/11/2020 a les 16:35, George Katselis ha escrit:
> Hi all,
> I would like to kindly ask which databases does OPEN ESB support for 
> the BPEL Service Engine Persistence.
> In the related document, only three are mentioned. Oracle, Derby DB 
> and My SQL.
> Therefore, I was wondering if I am restricted to use only one of them 
> or I can use a database of my choice…e.g. Postgress v12.
> Is this possible? And if yes, are there any databases which are not 
> supported at all?
> Thank you in advance
> Kind Regards,
> *George Katselis*
> ****Cogn**it**y**A.E.*
> 42 Kifissia Av.
> 151 25 Marousi, Athens, Greece
> Tel:+30-210-6194400
> Fax: +30-210-6194019

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