[User] Annoncement: OpenESB Community Edition Version 3.2.4

Martin Gainty mgainty at hotmail.com
Sat May 2 22:49:50 BST 2020

most of hospitals who process HL7 Transactions that i know demand secure transmission for PHI (Private Health Information)

any thoughts for securing ESB for HL7 transactions?

Be Well

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London: 1st of May 2020


The OpenESB community is pleased to announce the availability of OpenESB Community Edition 3.2.4.

OpenESB is an intelligent platform designed to develop and easily run service-based integration applications. 100% Java, OpenESB runs on any platform from the Raspberry PI all the way to the large configurations on the Cloud and provide efficiency, reliability to your developments.

OpenESB V 3.2.4 contains many bug fixes and improvement, such as:

•             Improvement and optimisation of the BPEL cache mapper

•             New supported mime type including pdf, images, office documents and HL7 for the REST BC.

•             Rest BC improves JSON to XML mapping in the inbound and outbound configuration.

Please download OpenESB on our web site: http://open-esb.net/index.php/openesb-download/download-binaries

About OpenESB

During this challenging time, we are proud to provide support to communities by providing an agile, efficient and scalable platform to develop new service-based application efficiently.

In Spain

In Galicia (Spain), OpenESB is the backbone platform for unemployment services. The OpenESB community is proud of helping Xunta de Galicia to cope with the dramatic increase of unemployment and provide its people with reliable and fast services.

In the UK

In the UK during these months of pressures for the NHS, new applications across hospitals have been developed with OpenESB to save doctors time in transcribing medication data at discharge.

We would like to thank all the contributors that made the release possible.


David Sherman on behalf of the OpenESB team

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