[User] JSON Array Cut in REST-BC

Paul Perez paul.perez at pymma.com
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Hello Edwin, 

Don't worry about your English. I'm a French speaker, and we understand
perfectly what you write. 
As Explained in the OpenESB web site, if you need to get a kind of support
from the community, I would advise you to create a short and deployable
project where we can see and analyse all the facets of your JSON to XLM
Without this sample, we are unable to provide you with a response.
Please feel free to zip your simple project and send it to the user group.
Have a good day

Best regards

Paul Perez Chief Architect
Pymma Consulting
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I work on a project that expose an REST API. In the definition I have a JSON
array. When the response have just one element the response not have the
JSON array form ([element]) but if have more elements the array is well

This is an example:

With one element:

"ordenDetalles": {
                    "idDetalle": 81,
                    "cantidadItem": 0,
                    "valor": 50000,
                    "idProducto": 3434

With more elements:

"ordenDetalles": [
                        "idDetalle": 482,
                        "cantidadItem": 0,
                        "valor": 0,
                        "idProducto": 1
                        "idDetalle": 483,
                        "cantidadItem": 0,
                        "valor": 0,
                        "idProducto": 4

I try to redefine the XML but not work.

Someone can said me what to do or what to change? 

First of all, Thanks.

*Note*: Sorry for my english.

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